Our Consultancy Programmes

Our Consultancy Programmes

Consultancy to Management

Thales perceives companies not just as units producing goods ND services but as collection of capabilities. In this context, we develop our strategies to match these companies… (read more)

Consultancy to the Executive Board

Through our consultancy services to Executive Boards, we help companies prepare actionable strategies for their long term missions and visions. There may be gaps between the… (read more)

Consultancy to Human Resources

Thales manages recruitment processes of national and international organisations through its comprehensive data base, efficient business network and group of consultants who have… (read more)

Consultancy for Change Management and Change Engineering

We can summarise our approach to change management consultancy with Jack Welsch’s (former GE CEO) words: “companies must change before they need to..” Just as every sailor knows… (read more)

Consultancy for Work Processes and Corporate Memory

Work processes are one of the most ignored part of the businesses that face predatory market conditions. The interaction between work processes and those who implement them must… (read more)


Thales’ approach to mentorship is to systematically share their tacit knowledge and experience gained through long years of academic and professional careers with the… (read more)

Consultancy on Marketing Strategy

The most effective tool in having the brand and the user know each other better, namely marketing, is a measurable and testable discipline on which you can have experiments… (read more)

Financial Consultancy for Pre-IPO Processes

In today’s world managing financial structure of companies is as important as managing operational processes. In the globalising world, increasing risks of competition… (read more)

Corporate Finance

Despite the weak growth of the global economy, company mergers and capital movements between countries continue unabated. In an environment where the capital flows from countries… (read more)


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